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Post-processing, finishing, assembly

Finishing, post-processing

We happily take care of the post-processing or finishing of your plastic parts.

Our versatile range of offers includes the following services:

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Screen and pad printing

  • Hot/foil stamping

  • Gluing

  • Incorporation of metal parts

  • Assembly into complete components

  • Conditioning

  • Mechanical processing

  • Deburring and blasting

  • Butt welding (mirror welding)


Our modern machine park includes, among others:
4 US facilities
2 Hot-stamping rotary table machines
3 CNC rotary table processing systems
2 Conditioning systems
1 Blast machines 

Heissprägezusatzeinrichtung in der Kunststoffverarbeitung

Hot stamping auxiliary device

Automated post-processing of plastic parts

Surface finishing

We use a wide variety of methods for surface finishing.

Whether by means of screen printing, pad printing or hot/foil stamping; we use the perfect printing system to give your plastic parts that last "finishing touch" and to meet all your requirements in the best possible way.


Reworking plastic parts is just as important to us as the preceding manufacturing process

We therefore strive to provide our customers with the largest possible range of services.

Heissprägen von Kunststoffteilen

Hot stamping

using a hot-stamping rotary table machine

Konditionierraum für Kunststoffteile

Conditioning room


Conditioning materials helps adapt them to the necessary conditions before processing.

In the case of polyamide injection-moulded parts, in particular, conditioning the plastic parts is crucially important for the quality of the workpiece.

Assembly production

We manufacture complete assemblies.

Here, we use ultrasonic welding and gluing, incorporate metal parts and, of course, perform the assembly.

More about the manufacture of assemblies and components:

Ultraschallschweissen von Kunststoffteilen

Ultrasonic welding

Auffangwanne - Stumpfschweissen, Spiegelschweissen

Butt welding

(mirror welding)

Deburring and blasting

e.g., with our modern continuous deburring system

Thanks to the efficient dry dust separator, the highest demands are met here in terms of surface cleanliness, without any additional washing process being required. Both thermoset parts and thermoplastic parts can be deburred economically, gently and efficiently.


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