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Hybrid technology

Plastic–metal composites

Pioneering hybrid technology

Metal–plastic compounds are becoming increasingly important. At Brac-Werke, we have a modern machine park available to us for this.

On our high-performance injection moulding machines, we manufacture and produce parts with a clamping force of 350 to 6500 kN and at units weights from 2 to 3000 g, including using 2K and 3K injection moulding.

Depending on what the function is supposed to be, the thermoplastics are injected over or into the metal. This enables significant savings to be achieved in terms of weight and energy consumption.

Bushings, stamped and bent parts as well as turned and milled parts are overmoulded fully or semi-automatically in large and small series.

We manufacture the required metal components ourselves, which means that seamless and efficient integration into the production process is guaranteed.


Our machine park currently comprises 48 injection moulding machines
1K to 3K
(350 kN to 6500 kN)

Hybridteile, Kunststoff-Metallverbindungen

Examples of perfect plastic–metal compounds

Hybrid technology for a wide variety of applications

Efficiency from plastic and metal

Depending on what the function is supposed to be, the thermoplastics are injected over or into the metal. This allows you to achieve weight savings, reductions in energy consumption, attractive design and handling, as well as improved running properties for bearings or gears. With electrical contacts, the plastic insert ensures the desired insulation. The support function of the component is carried out by the metal or plastic depending on the task.

Advantageous material combinations

Metal–plastic compounds are being used more and more today in the development of components.

By combining different materials, you can create efficient, attractive and environmentally friendly hybrid parts.

Hybridteile, Kunststoff-Metallverbindungen

Hybrid parts for a wide audience

Plastic–metal compounds lead to weight savings, increased functionality and possibilities when it comes to design.

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