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2K–3K injection moulding

Multi-component injection moulding

Multi-component injection moulding

One focus of our range of services is 2K–3K multi-component injection moulding. We have state-of-the-art, computer-controlled production machines with clamping forces from 350 to 6500 kN available to us for this. We are able to manufacture high-precision technical multi-component injection-moulded parts with unit weights of 2 to 3000 g.

As a result of our multi-component injection moulding technology, you benefit from high process reliability and low production costs, since complex assembly of the individual injection moulding parts is no longer necessary.

Another speciality of ours is initial sampling when using 2K and 3K multi-component injection moulding.


Our machine park currently includes 8 multi-component injection moulding machines

2K to 3K (1100 kN to 3200 kN)

Ridgid Power Tool mit Merhkomponenten-Spritzgussteilen

Power tool

Multi-component injection moulding displays its advantages

Advantages of multi-component injection moulding

  • There is no need for subsequent assembly work

  • Perfect product with new dimensions in product characteristics

  • Process security is guaranteed

  • Low production costs

Reductions in production costs

Various properties, features and colours can be combined in one manufacturing process.
This saves production steps and reduces manufacturing costs.

Mehrkomponentengriffe für Power Tools

Handles using 2K and 3K injection moulding

Multi-component solutions for power tools

Gehäuseschale für Powertool im Mehrkomponentenspritzguss

Housing shell

Housing shell for power tools

Special plastics

Special plastics and glass-fibre-reinforced materials are also used. This allows the highest demands to be met when it comes to design and functionality.

State-of-the-art production facilities

We manufacture 2K–3K multi-component plastic parts in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Mehrkomponentenspritzguss bei Brac-Werke AG Breitenbach, Schweiz

An insight into our multi-component production operations

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