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Careful use of resources, energy efficiency, environmentally conscious behaviour and use of sustainable electricity sources
As an innovative plastics processor, we recognise the responsibility that goes hand in hand with our production and are determined to make a positive contribution to sustainability. With a clear commitment to environmental protection and resource conservation, we have developed a holistic sustainability strategy based on our core principles:
  • careful use of resources
  • Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production
  • Circular economy and environmentally conscious behaviour
  • Use of sustainable electricity sources
Through targeted measures and investments, we endeavour to continuously reduce our ecological footprint and create long-term added value for our customers and the environment.
Below we present our sustainability strategy, which lays the foundation for a successful future.

Careful use of resources

We use our technical expertise to minimise material consumption and optimise tool concepts as well as injection moulding and pressing processes. We minimise waste in our production process by implementing waste prevention strategies and efficiently managing waste streams.
If you would like to manufacture your product from standard polymers with an improved CO2 balance, then get in touch with us. Not only do we support you in selecting the right raw material, but we also have experience with the processes and the following raw materials:
  • Wood and sugar compounds

  • Pet flakes

  • Paper injection moulding (cellulose and mineral mixture)

  • Recycled plastics (proportionally up to 100%)

  • Plastic waste from the world's oceans


There are many other ways to improve the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) of your product.
We will be happy to advise you.



Sulapac® or paper injection moulding from Nature Compound®

We have experience with both Sulapac® and paper injection moulding.
Both materials are made exclusively from natural raw materials and are therefore 100% biodegradable.

The main components of Sulapac® are wood and plant-based binders. Nature Compound® paper injection moulding consists of 68% renewable raw materials (e.g. cellulose) and 32% degradable natural raw materials (e.g. chalk).

#tide ocean material® and ocean material®

Plastic waste that threatens our oceans is collected and upcycled into a versatile granulate.
#tide causes up to 80% less CO2 emissions than production from new plastic granulate.
We manufacture sustainable plastic products for you from this innovative material.


Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production

We invest in energy-efficient technologies. In addition to the latest technology in temperature control and process control as well as efficient cooling and drying systems, we consistently rely on modern electric injection moulding machines. This allows us to continuously reduce energy consumption and our CO2 footprint, which also improves our environmental footprint.
The lighting concept in all buildings has also been continuously converted to LED over several years, resulting in noticeable electricity savings.

Use of sustainable electricity sources and certification

We endeavour to use sustainable sources of electricity. Our photovoltaic system is currently being realised and will soon be connected to the grid. In future, a significant proportion of our electricity requirements will be covered by our own renewable energy.
Consistent sorting and recycling as well as certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system are further steps on our path to sustainable production.


Certification of the ISCC+

Would you like to continue manufacturing your product with the existing polymer? Then you can make your contribution to the environment with mass balancing. 
Get in touch; we are ready to help you achieve ISCC+ certification.

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