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Machining production

Machined plastic parts

We also manufacture finished parts with machining according to drawings, sketches or samples.
With modern machining centres, one-time machining and lean manufacture of precision parts made of high-performance plastics such as PUR, PA, Durolen, PA GF and PA MF are guaranteed. The perfect finish includes welding, gluing, folding and pressing.
We have a rapid conditioning system and powerful blasting technology available to us.

So, for example, machined plastic gears are superior to metal gears even at the highest power transmission, as they are wear- and impact-resistant, self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, quiet and maintenance-free, and have optimal fail-safe properties.

Turned and milled plastic parts

We machine small batches and individual parts at low cost.

And for large series, too, this process can be a sensible alternative to production using injection moulding or compression moulding, under the appropriate conditions.

HAAG Textilmaschinenzubehör spanabhebend bearbeitete Kunststoffteile

HAAG textile machine accessories

Made from the high-performance plastic Durolen


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